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Hispania 1909


S.M. King Alfonso XIII ordered to build it in 1909 and the Shipyards Karpad de Pasajes were in charge of giving shape according to design of William Fife. The sloop changed hands and in World War II was gutted by the British Navy to manufacture armament.

Founded in the 1990s in England, the sloop was restored between Fairlie Restoration (England) and Shipyards of Mallorca. The Isla Ebusitana Foundation acquired in December 2010 of tragic future and returned to the water at the beginning of 2011.

Built entirely in wood, total LOA exceeds 30 meters, the deck length is only over 23 and the flotation barely reaches 15, with 4.12 meters of sleeve and 2.87 of draft.

Hispania sails under the harbor of Puerto Sherry which is also its port base and where most of its crew comes from. On board Hispania, there is a crew of 19-20 people very necessary and very trained to handle a surface of sail that can reach 500m2.

Hispania is designed for competition so it was built under the rules of the 15 Meters International Class. The 15 meter class was conceived purely for the competition and its rules were established for the year 1907. 15 meters does not refer to its length, but the result of a mathematical formula that includes, among others, the length between perpendiculars, the sleeve and the Velic surface.

This remarkable class of ships, of supreme beauty, competed in great regattas in the most charismatic ports of the time, among them Cowes and San Sebastián. Only twenty units were completed worldwide and of them only four boats have managed to stay afloat.

The Ebustiana Island Foundation in collaboration with the Yacht Club of Monaco has been able to refound the class 15 meters International having completed in 2012 the first European Championship of the Class 15 Meters International. Trophy that recovers after more than a century without being celebrated. The trophy in 2012 ends with the victory of the British 'The Lady Anne' and the Spanish 'Hispania' ranked third after the dispute of the last regatta, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

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